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BC Veglo participates with the Grote Clubactie

This year we're selling lottery tickets for the Grote Clubactie (Great Clubaction). Our youth and adult members are working together! We hope to collect a nice amount for youth activities like the annual youth fieldtrip and the youthcamp. The starting date of the Grote Clubactie is Saturday September 23rd.

How does it work?

A lottery ticket costs € 3,-. 80% of this amount (€ 2,40 per lottery ticket) goes directly to the club. (Youth)members will sell lottery tickets to friends, family and the neighbourhood, they will go door to door or they will share their own ticket link over Whatsapp and social media channels.

Buy lottery tickets and support our club!

By buying lottery tickets you're also in the running for great prizes (Click here to buy your lottery tickets).

Last year we have collected €542,64 together with the Schipholfonds contribution we realized the purchase of a brand new shuttlecanon. We hope to collect a great amount again this year.


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