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Become a member of BC Veglo

Are you under 18 years old? Then you play with the youth on Tuesday and Friday, and you receive training from qualified youth trainers. It is also possible to play competition. 

Are you over 18 years old? Then you play with the adults. You can play every Tuesday and Friday from 20:00. For competition players and experienced recreational players, there is a training session on Tuesday. However, only free play is of course also possible. Due to our rotation system you will quickly find fellow players of your own level and you can play with several other members in one evening. So-called mix tournaments are also held every now and then, where everyone plays with other people. This way you quickly get to know other members.

You can become a member by signing up at this link: 

Registration form

The registration is only valid after it has been confirmed by the secretary of BC Veglo. They will also ask you to send or take a passport photo to the sports hall, so that the player pass can be made. 

Not sure yet if you want to become a member, but would like to meet us? then click here

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