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The badminton season runs from September to July. The contribution must be paid no later than 1 month after receipt of the invoice.

If you become a member during the season, you only pay for the remaining months of the current season. For example, if you become a member in March, you pay April, May and June. If you have any questions about the contribution or payments, please contact the treasurer of BC Veglo via


Contribution season 2023-2024

  • Registration fee new members: 15 € 

  • Juniors (7-18): €194 

  • Juniors (7-18) extra training: 40 € 

  • Recreational (18+): 241 € 

  • Recreational (18+) training: 60 € 

  • League Players (18+): 346 € 

  • Surcharge use feather shuttles competition: 46 € 

Arrangement for injuries: In case of long-term and consecutive injuries of more than 3 months, a member can appeal to an arrangement for injuries. The member should then send an e-mail as soon as possible after sustaining the injury to with the request for the arrangement for injury. The regular contribution of the current season is simply paid by the member, insofar as this is not already the case. As soon as the member can come and play again, he is entitled to a discount on the membership fee for the next season. 

If you are having trouble paying your child's contribution, view the flyer below from the youth fund for sports and culture of the municipality of Leiden. You can download the flyer here aswell. 


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