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Free play at BC Veglo

There are always at least 4 courts available for free play on Tuesday and Friday evenings. Tuesday evenings are often slightly busier than Fridays.

Rotation system
Always hang up your playing pass for the lane you are playing on, even if not all lanes are occupied and even if you are only playing part of a block. Playing in one block and already blocking other playing times on the boar
is not allowed. If you are standing on the side and would like to hang out with someone who is currently playing, wait for the bell to move your playing passes. If you want to finish a match, wait until the bell hangs in front of you.

Shuttles don't last forever. Put shuttles that have broken and you don't want to play with anymore straight into the trash, so they don't end up in the chute again at the end of the night. If good shuttles are scarce, give Jeroen a heads up. He takes care of new shuttles. New shuttles can can be requested here.

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