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Youth Department of BC Veglo

Do you want to learn to play badminton at a friendly club? Then come and have a look at BC Veglo. 

Veglo has a nice mix of mini, young and older youth members. During badminton there is good, enthusiastic guidance available, and you learn badminton from a qualified trainer. You can choose to only play against your club mates, but we also arrange that you can play youth competition, where you play with a team from Veglo against other teams in the region.

We have an active youth committee that, in addition to free play, training and competition, also organizes youth activities such as camps, outings, tournaments and championships and others. Many of them used to be a youth member of Veglo themselves. 


Have you already come and tried a few times and do you want to continue with badminton? Then join the club. Let an adult complete the registration form.

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